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Solar / Wind Powered Wireless / Wi-Fi Speed Dome

Solar / Wind Powered Wireless / Wi-Fi Speed Dome

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This Solar and Wind Powered Wireless Speed Dome provides a welcome Green / Environmentally Friendly surveillance solution for any location. This system can support a camera working time of > 96 hours when connected to the optional deep cycle battery pack. The wifi signal will cover 500 - 800 meters without the use of any Access Points, with a pair of Access Points this can eaily be increased to 5 Km without major blocks, and with a relay of Access Points a distance of 50 Km max can be covered.

The wireless camera module is available in the following optical zoom formats 18x 23x 26x 30x 35x 36x, (12x digital), 480 or 540 TV Lines, and the Solar panels, Wind Power generator, battery and storage box also optional, if all you require is a long range wireless speed dome then this is the ideal solution with these possible upgrades ready to be included.

This Complete System is composed of six parts: Wind Generator, Solar Panels, Controller, Battery, Access Point and Wireless Camera.

Wind Generator:
Click Here for Details/Specifications

Solar Panels:
120W 12A Solar Board
Different panel arrangements to suit geographical climate location

Click Here for Details/Specifications

Special anti-jamming software design;
Integrated outdoor design structure with rugged case design, unique waterproof, dustproof, and thermal design to ensure the safety of outdoor wireless bridge and normal operating performance;
Power Over Ethernet networking cable Power for easy installation;
Central coordination function, no hidden network to reduce data collisions;
Built-in radiation shielding and enhanced anti-jamming.

Click Here for Details/Specifications

Optional Deep Cycle battery pack can supply in excess of 96 hours (4 - 7 days) power to camera without sunshine or wind
Rated Power: 12V 250Ah
Dimensions: 521 x 269 x 220mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 108kg
Battery is buried in box to protect battery under earth.

Battery Box:
Dimensions: 650*275*260mm (L*W*H)
Material: ABS Plastic Cement

Click Here for Details/Specifications

Access Point:
Click Here for Details/Specifications

Wireless Camera:
a. 18*12 23*12 26*12 30*12 35*12 and 36*12 optical/ digital zoom available
b. Small volume high integration
c. video transmits and PTZ controls via network
d. H.264 video compression technology
e. Wireless standard:2.4 GHz 802.11B 802.11G
f . Wireless antenna: gain 8dbi omnidirectional antenna
g. Transmission distance: more than 800 meters without wireless AP and wireless router
h. Encryption method: wep disable/64bit/128bit
i. Built-in Web server video images can be browsed by IE explorer
j. Supports CIF 2CIF 4CIF four kinds of adjustable resolution
k. Motion detection alarm
l. Professional video surveillance client software management
m. View at rates up to 25 fps PAL 30 fps NTSC
n. Supports multi-user simultaneous access
o. Pattern autopan auto flip auto horizontal scan 16 programmable zone privacy masking zone auto home position
p. 2 alarm inputs1 alarm output linking presets
q. Exceeds IP66 Specifications
r. Up to 254 presets with 16 characters each
s. Horizontally control speed 0~400 deg/S (control through software) vertically control speed 0~120deg/S
t. 6 groups presets Tour function settings
u. Power supply :24V AC,3A

Click Here for 18x26x36x Zoom Details/Specifications
Click Here for 23x30x35x Zoom Details/Specifications
Click Here for High Speed Dome Details/Specifications
Click Here for Network Function Details/Specifications

Lead time for solar/wind powered version is a minimum of 18 days

Item Code: ISS0003590

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Our Price: 845.63

(inc. VAT/Shipping to UK mainland)

Zoom / Lens / Video Standard:

Green Power Source:

Select Your Geographical Region for Solar Panel Configuration:

12v 250Ah Deep Cycle Battery (UK delivery only):

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