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3G Wireless IP Camera with Lithium Battery

3G Wireless IP Camera with Lithium Battery

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This 3G Wireless IP Camera is packed full of features making it one of the most versatile surveillance IP cameras around, features include:-

Internal Lithium Battery
Night vision
Pan and Tilt
Wired Ethernet and USB
3G Calling, Alerts and Monitoring
Recording to SD card

3G video surveillance camera is a newest products in 3G communication technology security.3Gvideo surveillance camera can video communicate from port to port without any ISP, it has a highly clear camera,and users just needs a 3G phone to see the site and communicate.which is very convenient.users can use their 3Gphone to check their shops,families,enterprises and factories through 3G video surveillance camera. Mean while,user can connect controller,infrared,door detector,smoke detector with3G video surveillance camera for various surveillance check. Video phone function,video browsing dynamically anytime

1.this equipment is a 3G mobile video service terminal and does not need to install plug-ins,high-quality image, secure access.
2. This equipment has a camera which can take very clear pictures; those pictures can be turn into big or small. 3. This equipment can call you, send multimedia message, or send MSM to you when someone breaks alarm. Then the user can see live video and hear live voice through your 3G phone. Alarm can be infrared, door contact, smoke detector, Correlation ect. 4. Users can see the site on your 3G phone through pan tilt and zoom lens changing.
5. If criminal intrudes, you can choose the speaker horn which is inside this equipment to expel the criminal.
6. Users can memory the picture down into SD card after the equipment took pictures.
7. This equipment has lithium battery 12V.
8. This equipment can be zoomed and controlled brightness remotely.
9. This equipment has voice services.
10. This equipment has watchdog and automatic reset machine.
11. Users can use 3G video mobile phone and the equipment to see the monitoring Location immediately through the same network, and without any plug-ins.
12. Users just need to buy a 3G SIM card, the video can transmit from port to port, not rely on any ISP, very private.
13.install and configuration wizard help users completing system configuration and software update feature easily. is highly safe, stable and clear channel to transmit video through 3G video mobile phone. Note: This equipment just supports WCDMA only.


Camera: CMOS 1.3 million pixels
Compression format: 3GP format
Video Parameter Adjustment: brightness,colourity,contrast,Image quality
Voice Output: one hole voice output
Image Storage: SD card
Working environment: -20 - +50
Working Level Corner: 360
Working Vertical corner: 0-90
PTZ Speed: approx. 12/S up down lift right automatic rotate
Power : 12V

Item Code: ISS0004260

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