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Lone Worker / Man Down Panic Alarm System

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Do you have the right Lone Worker / Man Down system in place to protect your vulnerable workers?

cheaper and more versatile than other stand alone systems on offer this highly effective Wireless Lone Worker Man Down Panic Alarm works for both individuals and groups of up to 15 and will provide intelligent personal protection automatically alerting co-workers (both near and far) when the wearer gets into trouble, the area that can be covered is almost limitless with the use of signal repeaters and there are NO Operational Network Costs or Fees, there are No Alert Delays similar to those caused by the faulted Check-in method, this means that all important assistance, first aid or medical care will arrive much sooner than with other systems and response time makes a big difference where personal safety and assistance is concerned. All alarm units now have double digit displays and a simple button operated programming system allowing you to quickly configure each unit to your requirements.

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This versatile Man Down Alarm System has the following advantages over other more expensive systems:-

1. Automatic tilt and motion detection will trigger the alarm even if the wearer is unable to press the panic button, very important in situations where thewearer has become incapacitated, unconscious or too injured to press the panic button.

2. Due to its modular design this alarm will alert everybody using the same system, which means that another alarm wearer possibly close by will be able to respond quickly to the wearer in distress and administer that veryimportant timely assistance or first aid if required. Remember that one of the main reasons for activating a panic alarm is to quickly summon help or assistance so your system must be able to relay this to whoever is closest, other systems only send a message and or GPS location back to a central office and this may add an administrative delay in summoning the closest possible assistance.

3. There are no distance limitations and no network usage costs and this is a completely self contained system, it does not rely on any cellular networkwhich may have coverage black spots which will render your system useless.

4. Multiple modes of operation including a silent mode where only other system users will receive the audible alert which can be very useful for environments such as prisons, hospitals and detention areas where help is required due to a would be aggressor or assailant but the noise of an alarm may only serve to worsen the current situation.

5. You can add extra units to your system (maximum of 15 units per system group) by specifying the system code of your existing units with your order. Each group has a unique system code that allows multiple groups to be used in the same location.

6. Receive message alerts directly to your PC, simply connect the USB data receiver to a PC or laptop and install the software and you will receive a warning alert message on your PC or Laptop when an alarm unit is activated.

The system provides the following multiple protection modes :-

1. Tilt 45o
2. No Motion
3. Tilt + No Motion
4. Panic button operated by the wearer
5. Silent Vibrate mode option (Ideal for enforcement or care officers)

Each system group has a unique id which will allow multiple system groups to be used in the same location without interference. The alarm unit is carried or worn upright in a pouch/bag (supplied) attached to the waist belt or inside the breast pocket or some other suitable location.

Tilt Detection
If the unit leans more than 45 degrees for a predetermined period of time (i.e. the person carrying it is attacked or inhales toxic fumes and falls to the floor), the unit will beep for several seconds as a pre-alarm warning to the wearer that the alarm is about to be activated.

No Motion
If No Motion is detected for a predetermined period of time (i.e. the person carrying it inhales toxic fumes and falls to the floor), the unit will beep for several seconds as a pre-alarm warning to the wearer that the alarm is about to be activated.

Tilt and No Motion Detection
If the unit leans more than 45 degrees and No Motion for a predetermined period of time (i.e. the person carrying it is attacked or inhales toxic fumes and falls to the floor and becomes unconscious), the unit will beep for several seconds as a pre-alarm warning to the wearer that the alarm is about to be activated.

The pre-alarm is helpful to avoid any false alarms for activities such as bending down for tying boot laces or other similar activities.

When the wearer is incapacitated due to illness or injury and ignores the pre-alarm and does not return the unit to an upright position a radio alarm transmission is sent and the alarm will sound accompanied by flashing LEDs to attract attention.

When in group use the radio alarm transmission will be detected and latched by units located on other members or in the security lodge, reception area or control room, there is an audible warning or vibration and the sufferer's unit is identified by a numbered light, both the audible warning and light will stay active until the unit is reset.

The unit timing is as follows:-
If Tilt or No motion or Tilt-then-No motion over 30 seconds the Pre-alarm will go off for 30 seconds to warn the wearer, if the wearer does not or could not stop the pre-alarm, the Man Down Alarm unit will start to emit a signal to other Man Down Unit(s) and or base alarm unit, its own audible alarm will go off and high visibility lights will blink to attract attention. 

Panic Alarm
If the wearer experiences an emergency condition the unit has a panic button on the front which when pressed will cause an instant radio alarm signal to be sent to other units as well as the audible and flashing alarm on the worn unit, the corresponding number of the activated unit will be displayed on the other units.

If there are up to 3 members having trouble the other members of the same group will receive the 3 alarm signals and display the corresponding number from 1st to 3rd sufferer in order.

This Wireless Man down Alarm System is very easy to operate and requires virtually no maintenance giving you rapid alerts spreading to all members in the same group to help reduce the risk, there is also a silent alert mode of vibrate and flash only, this system will work inside buildings or in open areas, the typical outdoor range is 200 meters, indoor range is up to 40 meters through walls.

This unit is ideal for farm workers, industrial fitters, builders, depot workers, nursing and care homes for both staff and patients, prison guards, social workers, postal workers, wardens or anyone who works alone (or separated from co-workers) in a hazardous environment. A central Base Receiving Unit is also available for this system, please see Base Unit for Wireless Stand Alone Man Down Alarm System for details. If ordering Base Units with this order please specify either Siren (MOQ 5x units), Buzzer (MOQ 1x unit) or Voice (MOQ 5x units) and the quantities of each, and please remember to meet the MOQ for each base unit type.

Signal Repeater

In 1 of the extra pictures below you can see how by using 2x Signal Repeaters it is possible to have a working man down alarm unit up to 1600 meters away from any given base station and 1300 meters from another man down alarm unit, the signal repeater can be powered by either mains or rechargeable battery so it can be positioned almost anywhere. There is no limit to the number of repeaters you can use, each repeater used will extend the range 400 - 500 meters in open space, use the repeaters to extend range between base units or the man down units themselves.

Power: AAA/UM4 battery or rechargeable battery x2
Battery duration 
continuous use: Dry battery: 6 days / Rechargeable battery: 3 days
Weight: 76 g (including battery)
Size: L 93 x W 56 x D 17mm
Effective range: Outdoor up to 200 meters / indoor up to 40 meters through walls.
Alarm sound: 100dB
EX 2 Rated
Receiving sensitivity: - 80dBm
Output power: < 3 mW (4 dBm)

Operational Temperature Range is governed by the operational temperature range of the batteries used:-
Man Down Unit with Rechargeable Batteries: 
-20oC ~ +50oC
Man Down Unit with Alkaline Batteries: -10oC ~ +45oC
Base Unit powered by Adaptor: -40OC ~ +80oC
Signal Repeater: -20oC ~ +50oC

Signal Repeater Size: L 14.2 x W 7.1 x T 2.4 cm

Battery duration continuous use: 3 days

Please be aware that this item is made to order because of the system group id, and production times will depend on order composition as well as quantities, the average delivery lead time is approximately 7 business days depending on location and shipping and customs delays outside of our control, please place your order in advance of products requirement dates.

If you are placing an order for additional alarm units please enter your
 existing system group code into the text field provided, your existing system group code can be found on the label on the back of each alarm unit usually positioned just above the battery compartment. If this is a new order please leave this field blank. Please remember that there is a maximum of 15 units per system group.

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