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Portable Thermal Heat Sensor / Scanner

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Stable and accurate to up to 91 meters, this Thermal Scanner is the only one of its kind, by sweeping the scanner across an area, it quickly pinpoints areas that are cooler or warmer than the surrounding environment.

The Scanner lets you quickly scan large areas to locate downed game, conduct search and rescue operations, and quickly locate hidden flash points in burning structures at a safe distance.

Close-range thermal sweeps can also help quickly identify thermal heat losses in your home, pinpoint hot spots for preventative maintenance and much, much more.

Temperature differences are digitally displayed on the LED display panel. Using the supplied earpiece, you can also "listen" to your Scanner's temperature findings as audible squelches in the same fashion as a Geiger counter.

Two integral laser pointing devices let you know exactly what your Scanner is aimed at when it picks up a temperature difference, the first provides a brilliant visible laser pinpoint to show the precise location of your Scanner's thermal scanning point, the second pointer generates an invisible infrared pinpoint that is visible only when viewed through a night vision device, this combination of  the Thermal Scanner and night vision is particularly effective for night surveillance as virtually nothing will escape a large area scan for infrared and thermal signatures.

An important feature is the Scanner's ability to digitally adjust the gain sensitivity of the unit, sixty four discreet gain settings permit you to increase or decrease the temperature sensitivity of the unit to help prevent false readings. This is particularly important for scans of large wooded areas.

Almost any application that requires the detection of heat will be well served by this Thermal Scanner, including:

1. Locating lost children, pets and livestock
2. Finding injured or downed game 
3. Detecting thermal losses in a home or business
4. Pinpointing hot spots in equipment
5. Ensuring safer building searches
6. Detecting suspicious "hot spots" for fire prevention

Weapon Mount Accessory 

The Scanner's universal weapon mount adapter makes it easy to mount it on to most rifles. In addition to providing valuable audio feedback to help acquire targets, the Scanner's dual-lasers permit is to serve as a laser targeting device. The visible laser pointer can be used during the day while the invisible infrared pointer works well with any night vision rifle scope. 

Built-in laser sighting makes acquiring targets easier. can be turned on and off
Adjustable volume, for when silence is critical
Runs on one 9V battery (included)
High-impact ABS plastic construction
7" long and weighs just 8 1/4 oz.
Includes belt pouch, earphone and wrist strap.

Length: 7in (19cm)
Red Laser Wavelength: 650nm
Red Laser Output: <5mW
Direction Range: 0.3 - 91m)
Volume Increments: 7 levels
Gain Increments: 64 levels
Weight with battery: 8.25oz (250g) (Requires one 9V Battery)
Construction: High-impact ABS Plastic

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