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GPS Duress / Lone Worker Alarm with Voice Calling and SMS


This clever duress / lone worker alarm device can be used to monitor any individual in real time and will detect when a possible fall has occurred and send an alert along with GPS location information to others who can either send assistance to the correct location or be of assistance themselves, this is much more powerful than a GPS bracelet as it also supports two way voice calling, panic button, SMS information exchange as well as displayed map location for Android and IOS smart phones. This device is ideal for the elderly, all kinds of dementia sufferers, and also people working alone in remote locations, it can be 'bound' to up to 5 controlling mobile phones but any mobile phone may call the device. This clever device is also quad band so it will work anywhere world wide, all you need to do is place your chosen network SIM card inside. A fall is said to have occurred when the device detects an lean angle of more than 45 degrees for 20 seconds or more.

Example Use:
The device has been given to an elderly relative who sometimes falls over and occasionally is unable to get back up.    ........sometime during the day the elderly person falls down......
When the device detects falling down, it will speak a warning saying "Attention please, Falling has been detected, message will be sent immediately", after this voice warning continues for 20 seconds and if not cancelled either by the person getting back up or pressing the control button, the device will send an SMS warning message once every minute to the designated mobile phone(s) saying "Automatic warning. The device carrier may have fallen down. Please contact”  meanwhile it will speak a voice warning message saying "It is an emergency I need help".
This will allow anyone who receives an SMS warning message to take the appropriate action which can include voice calling the device to check what has happened as well as requesting the GPS location from the device in case the person in possible trouble has moved from their usual location.

Main Functions:
Voice prompting when a fall is detected & automatic warning via SMS to remote mobile phone
Automatic detection of fall recovery and cancellation of any voice warning via SMS
One-touch cancellation
One-touch keys to send SMS and voice messages in emergency situations
GPS and LBS location request and map display by Android and IOS smart phones
Voice call with one button
Medical alert
SMS check for owner's status
Friendly reminder at the appointed time
SMS reminder when the battery runs low
SMS reminder when switching on

Total Weight: 69g
Packed Weight: 460g
Dimensions: 73x53x18mm
Network type: GSM
Network band: 850/1900MHz, 900/1800MHz
Battery capacity: Li 1050mA
Stand-by time: 120 -150 hours

Package Includes:
Alarm unit
Charging adapter and cable
Android and IOS software

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