These Cameras are also Great for Home/Office/Property Security

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These Cameras are also Great for Home/Office/Property Security

Post by TheGadgetMan » Sat May 27, 2017 5:20 pm

Don't for get that Hunting / Trail cameras are not only great for people who want to keep check on wildlife and nature in the big outdoors they are also ideal for security around your home and office, they have the following advantages over traditional security cameras :-

1. They are extremely durable and will survive pretty much everything the weather can throw at them, as well as the odd bit of vandalism, they
can be secured very firmly in out of reach places making them very hard to get at, you can even get specially designed secure metal boxes to put your camera in for the ultimate security option.

2. They can be located in places where would-be thieves or vandals are least expecting to find a security camera.

3. They can be extremely covert and unseen due to camouflage markings and if you choose a model with invisible infrared LED's (940nm or above) even their night vision abilities will not give them away.

4. If you choose a 3G model when configured and placed correctly they will have already captured and sent the crucial incriminating video or pictures to either an email address and/or to your mobile phone so it does not matter if they are detected and bashed or spayed with paint, it's
too late, there is no need for any Internet connection with 3G.

5. They can be completely mains power independent, and if you use the solar panel option to keep the batteries charged then they will be
working for you and keeping a watchful eye over your stuff 24/7, even in a complete power cut lasting for several days, they will still be working.

6. They make an ideal watchdog over movable objects like caravans and trailers, you could even take one with you when you use your caravan
or tent on holiday to lets you know what's going on around your pitch while you are out during the day, they are also great for watching out for
eating oil thieves or specialist car thieves, thieves may outwit your car or home security system but they won't outwit your well placed camera
until it's too late, and they make a perfect fly tipping watchdog too, these are just some of multitude of security scenarios Hunting / Trail
cameras can be used for.

If you want more information on these versatile security cameras then take a look at this link: ... x&cPath=15

Please post your comments, questions and ideas...

TheGadgetMan :geek:

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