Make Sure You Have the Right Type of Protection for Your Lone/Site Workers

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Make Sure You Have the Right Type of Protection for Your Lone/Site Workers

Post by TheGadgetMan » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:25 pm

After reading about another fatality involving a lone worker ( ... nv1D9CIaLQ / ... JTxqlBr4Dg) I felt I should re-iterate how important the choice of lone / site worker protection system is. The first thing I must make clear to anyone reading this is that I am not indicating that a different choice of lone worker safety system would have saved a life in this case, my point is that the "check in" style of Lone Worker Apps or Devices that so many companies are opting for are in nearly ALL cases completely ineffective and are often financially based being the cheapest option available, but they DO NOT protect the end worker!

In this case the requirement that a worker checks in to the system every n minutes or hours is not going to be of use particularly if said worker is unable to check in to the system due to a fall or other condition, the two hours check in delay in the above instance meant that this fatality was not discovered for approx. two hours, it dos not matter how short the check in interval is as any delay in alerting that one of your workers may be in serious trouble is unacceptable, this is the reason why we only offer device/systems that do not always require the worker in question to raise the alarm as they all have intelligent fall and motion detection which can be used in combination or separately so that even a security guard being held at knife or gun point can raise a silent alarm simply by not moving, and in the case of the Site Safety System of course all alerts are instant, audible and visible. Both Lone Worker systems are modular and can grow with your requirements, one is completely stand alone and does not require the use of any other network, while the other uses the cell phone network of your choice and is more suited to the true lone worker. The Site Safety System incorporates instant distance based audible and visual alerts using bi-directional communication in front, behind, left side, right side, above and below so workers are protected in every possible direction.

It is important that both workers and the people involved in choosing your safety systems understand that it is always best that help/assistance comes from the nearest source so our systems can easily integrate with people nearby as well as alerting a central monitoring station which could be too far away to provide timely assistance in a critical situation.

Workers and Bosses alike should read and share this information. Don't end up buying or using a System that gives you a false sense of safety or security, please don't hesitate to contact me if you require more information or simply click ... ex&cPath=1
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